Wrangler Jeep Builds

Each In-House build is carefully assembled and test driven for performance and reliability. Contact us about what swap would best suit your needs, whether it be rock crawling, or giving your daily driver a power boost.

If you'd like to schedulce an In-House build with MoTech, first, submit a Builder Request Form (the link is on our site). Then we will start the process for your estimate specified to your desired build. Once you are satisfied with your estimate and we have available scheduling for your swap, we will turn the agreed estimate into an invoice. MoTech requests a 50% down payment based on the invoice. This is to order the parts such as engine, transmission, and accessorires for your build. Finally, we will contact you about your preferred method of transport, and give you an updated invoice once your Jeep arrives and is inspected. 

Buy here with your encrypted prepaid debit card on your CT Checkout app and save 10% over our regular prices.

No one ever sees your sensitive card information, because you never have to enter it.

Learn more about us at www.lswrangler.com.

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