Sai Zen

Sai, meaning “the most wonderful”, or “the best”; and “Play, reviving, regaining youth and confidence” and Zen, meaning “Improvement”, focusing on the belief that you can revive your hair.

SAI ZEN is a hair care brand that a Japanese hair stylist developed for her mother, who was suffering from thin hair. 

SAI ZEN was the most effective among the products that we tried, ever since my mother noticed her thinning hair.  

The shampoo was giving her hair volume and strength.

Even though I created these products for ourselves, they began building a reputation and spread via word of mouth.

We saw an improvement in sales to our customers in the salon, and as a result, we now take orders from other hair salons, retail stores, and overseas.

It has truly been a pleasure.

It is a home care series focusing on using plenty of natural ingredients, creating 4 types: a shampoo, conditioner, a scalp therapy spray, and a wax.

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