Incentive Program

How the CT Checkout Incentive Program Works

Join the CT Checkout Mobile Wallet Encrypted Card Club and we will place an encrypted prepaid debit card on your CT Checkout app.

Then go ahead and order our CT card reader for $60 and make $10 every time you use your card reader to activate a new phone with encrypted card(s). Your friends install our CT app and then use your CT card reader to swipe their cards into encrypted cards on their CT app. They return the device to you. Now they can enjoy the safety and ease of shopping or paying bills at CT web merchants, and their card data is not on the Internet.  There is no limit to the number of phones you can activate with your CT card reader.

NOTE:  If you are a web merchant, you will be paid at a card-swiped rate, which is 1% to 2% lower than card not present and we can remotely activate your customer's CT app with a prepaid debit card.

NOTE:  The CT Card reader is made by