Declined on Craigslist

Getting Declined on Craigslist?

Have you been 
flagged on Craigslist?
Have your cards been getting declined on Craigslist?
We can help you, in fact, we are just about the only ones who can!

About Our Services

Posting on Craigslist has become unbelievably difficult. Many people are not able to upload their ads to Craigslist because their ad has been flagged or because of their card being declined by Craigslist. One flagged ad and your IP and card is BLOCKED permanently. You can go to any of our competitors and they will either offer to post using your card, or claim they can provide you with a virtual card or other service that they cannot.

What can we do for you?

You purchase one of our packages, we use our own account to post your ad.

Can we guarantee your ad will NOT get flagged again?

No, we can NOT guarantee that your posting will NOT get flagged again. In fact, if you are posting something that was flagged once, chances are, it will be flagged again.

We will provide a screenshot and link to your live ad so you know that it has been posted.

We have reached out to all of our competitors to see who else provides this service, and while we have found some businesses who claim they do, none of them actually can guarantee you a live ad.

Buy here with your encrypted prepaid debit card on your CT Checkout app and save 10% over our regular prices.

No one ever sees your sensitive card information, because you never have to enter it.

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