Benefits for Merchants

PinnacleCart Merchants
Adding CT Checkout as a payment choice at your checkout page will save you 1% to 2% on transaction fees when compared to other payment methods.
Your customers will feel safer knowing they never enter any sensitive data onto your website.

CT Checkout Has Swiped Card Benefits
Lowest rates. 
No Friendly Fraud chargebacks. 
Card chip is read or mag strip is swiped. 
Effective rate cost savings from 1% to 2% as compared to typed in card transactions.

CT Checkout sends encrypted card Track 1 and Track 2 data through our CT Checkout Gateway to WorldPay.
iPhone and Android phone users see the 4525XXXXXXXX9610 format.
The card issuers respond back with swiped card surcharge rates.

See to watch an encrytped card payment to