CT Checkout Store

Welcome to our online store, where you can learn about this new way to pay. CT Checkout is unlike any other payment method, and it benefits all parties. Merchant fees are far lower than with typed-in card payments. For consumers, the threat of identity theft is eliminated; no sensitive data is ever entered or stored. Nothing to hack, nothing to steal.

A customer that states “I don’t recognize this transaction” can be asked "Who had your phone and could open your phone and knew the credentials to log into your CT Checkout app?" Chargeback disputes are practically eliminated.

Web merchants, we will sell your products at our cost, as low as 1%, when we are being paid by encrypted prepaid debit cards. We will transfer your sales proceeds to you, minus our merchant fee. You'll also see our web store merchant statement so you can verify that it is lower than the cost of typed-in card payments. Example: Your product sells for $200 and our merchant cost is 2% as charged to us by the card issuer. $200 x 2% = $4 as our cost. We send you $196.

Your customers that shop here will be using their Triple DES encrypted prepaid debit cards that have been sent via their CT Checkout app. A CT Checkout Triple DES encrypted card transaction can only be done using our app with an iPhone or Android phone which is acting as a personal consumer terminal. No one ever sees or stores any sensitive data.

If you are a web merchant, contact us at merchants@ctcheckout.com to sell your product or service.

If you are a consumer interested in buying products from CT Checkout store, contact us at: consumerterminal@ctcheckout.com.