Incentive Program

How the CT Checkout Incentive Program Works

We are in our pre-launch phase. We offer several ways you can gain access to the Shuttle.

If you simply wish to shop online without the risk of identity theft, send us an email to receive an ID Tech Shuttle long enough to load your bank card(s), then return the Shuttle to us in the provided SASE.

If you want to be a part of our Activation Team, you must purchase the Shuttle card reader the old-fashioned way, by entering your card information with Stripe™. You can do that here in our store. The $37 plus shipping that we charge is our cost with zero markup.

Earn $10 every time you use your Shuttle to activate a new phone with encrypted card(s). Allow new members to install our app and use your Shuttle to swipe their bank cards, storing them as encrypted card blocks. They return the device to you. Now they can enjoy the safety and ease of shopping, and never enter sensitive card data. 

We will pay you $10 for every phone that you activate; we will also share a percentage of our revenue with you from any CT Checkout purchases your new members make.

NOTE:  If you are a web merchant, you will be paid at a card-swiped rate, which is 1% to 2% lower than card not present.

Contact: for more information.